The Klos Guitar Makes Carbon Fiber Look Good

Klos Carbon Fiber Guitar laying down

Klos is a new startup company making carbon fiber guitars and ukuleles. Recently, Klos guitars sent me one of their guitars to review. I’d like to break down the quality of the guitar in terms of a few different characteristics that make it valuable.

Why Carbon Fiber?

First, the Klos website indicates that their guitars are more durable. Carbon fiber guitars are definitely more durable than their non-carbon fiber competition. The company does attach a disclaimer that the neck is not made of carbon fiber, so don’t think it’s invincible. It’s susceptible to scratches, water damage and other damage. That being said, the Klos guitar is much more durable than the standard full wood guitar. And, there is no worry of the guitar drying out, which is nice.

“The body and soundboard are made from carbon fiber, and the neck and bridge are made from mahogany and blackwood.”

The Klōs Official Website

The Klos guitar is a great value as a product. Carbon fiber instruments are typically very expensive. One thousand dollars for an acoustic electric is affordable for a wood guitar. That same price for a carbon fiber guitar is quite frankly an insane deal!

You wanted specs, you get specs.

How’s it sound? Tone? TONE?

Carbon fiber guitars have a unique sound. Carbon fiber instruments ring louder and longer than their wood counterpart instruments, and that’s certainly the case with the Klos guitar. If you can imagine being able to add just the right amount of reverb to the live sound of a guitar that isn’t plugged in, you get an idea of what the Klos guitar sounds like. The guitar is a little too bright for my taste. I prefer darker, warmer sounding guitars, which is why I normally play a full mahogany wood acoustic Guild guitar. That being said, it is nice to have a bright sounding guitar for those who love that sound.

Check out Brady Parks of The National Parks playing his Klos guitar below:

The guitar gets a ten out of ten in terms of look. Carbon fiber looks futuristic, precise and impressive. At live shows, I get more positive feedback on the look of the Klos guitar than I do on the look of any other guitar that I’ve ever played. It might be strange to think of a musical instrument in terms of look. Yet, how cool a guitar looks can really change the impression of a performance.

I normally prefer smaller guitars. Klos sent me the full sized acoustic electric guitar, and if I were to choose again I would’ve gone with the smaller guitar. Yet, it feel good to play this guitar. The size and fit is convenient. It doesn’t have a massive dreadnought guitar body. And, I appreciate that. Klos guitars feel good and that goes a long way for a musician, so they’re especially convenient for longer sets.

Carbon. Fiber. Not just for exotic cars, nice bicycles, and secret military projects.

Overall, it’s a great guitar. The only hindrance for me is the brighter sound. If the sound were a little darker and warmer, this guitar would be my absolute favorite. Still, I recommend it!

Head over to their website for the full range of models, colors, and pricing: https://klosguitars.com/

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