The Return of the Hamill

Mark Hamill in Knightfall (2019)

Recently, Mark Hamill has been making media rounds, but he’s not promoting Star Wars. He’s promoting a new series in which he stars called Knightfall. Surprisingly, this is not normal for Mark Hamill. How does one of the most recognizable actors, starring in one of the biggest blockbusters of all time not have a more robust catalogue of films and TV shows? Great question.

Life After Luke Skywalker

After the last film of the original Star Wars trilogy, The Return of The Jedi, was released Mark Hamill had a tough time getting roles in movies. In fact, he auditioned for the role of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the Academy Award winning film Amadeus. A studio executive told the producers that he did not want Luke Skywalker to be in his film. This pushed Mark Hamill to take up voice acting as the primary staple of his career.

As any comic book nerd or fan of Batman: The Animated Series knows, this was extremely fortunate for the DC animated universe. Mark Hamill’s voice acting for the Joker is widely considered to be the best portrayal of the Joker. The only portrayal that competes literally drove Heath Ledger to his death.

Luckily this fantastic actor has returned to the screen thanks to necessity. Disney wanted to make a sequel trilogy and so that had to convince him to come on. But Hamill didn’t come back as the whiny hero from the originals who wanted to go to Tosche Station to pick up some power converters. Oh no, he came back as the Luke we always wanted. There was so much critical praise for his portrayal of Luke Skywalker that once again studios are giving him some major live-action roles.

But Hamill is getting more than the amazing roles this seasoned actor so desperately deserves. He’s out there on Twitter, making jokes at the Oscars, answering questions on Google (seriously, go Google him, it’s great). He’s made himself relevant and extremely likable. Whereas many other actors receive their praise for a role and then fall back into the shadows, Mark Hamill is hitting his stride. And we’re loving it.

What’s Next for Mar🐫?

We’re hoping Hamill is what helps get Knightfall a season 3 renewal. But until then, Hamill will continue his successful streak as a voice actor lending his voice to some big gigs like the Child’s Play remake (say hello to the new Chucky) and the new animated Scooby-Doo series. Kevin Conroy joins the billed cast too, reprising his role as Batman from the original Batman series. Here’s to hoping for a Joker cameo.

And, obviously, we’re still anxiously anticipating what should be the legend’s last appearance as Luke in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

But wait? (*Spoiler alert!*) Didn’t Luke vanish and become one with the Force like his Jedi masters before him? Oh, my young Padawans, don’t you worry. “No one’s ever really gone.” Rey and the Resistance are going to need a whole lot of help from all the Force ghosts they can get.

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