Project: Aloft Star Part 3 – Runner Up Gigi Rich

Gigi Rich ascends the stairs

Written by Tristan Olav Torgersen
Editor in Chief – Originally Posted on IndieEntertainmentMagazine.com

I’m on the 12th floor of the Aloft Hotel Long Island City waiting for the artists to come up for their interviews. I’m looking at my questions, my notes I had prepared, and the names. “Gigi Rich,” I looked over it again and again. Gigi. Rich. I was overthinking her name. Gigi could be (jee-jee) or could it be (guy-guy)? (It is definitely not the latter by the way)

She walked in wearing a black leather jacket with zippers on the sleeves and buttons on its pockets that made it just pop. Then there was her radiant red hair. Yet, it was her cheerful demeanor and smile that made the picture complete. Gigi Rich is not simply a talented singer. She is a musician through and through who hasn’t lost her Jersey-girl style and charm.

Born Gianna Richelle Salvato, Gigi Rich is as talented as she is ambitious. She hails from the same state as Bruce Springsteen, Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, and Kool & the Gang, to name a few. Yet, she has taken her influences and made something truly special: something genuine. In describing her sound I could mention the likes of the late Amy Winehouse, Norah Jones, or even the recent sensation Alessia Cara. That oversimplification in search of tonal familiarity doesn’t do Gigi justice.

Her first moment in the spotlight came in the form of The Voice in the 7th Season in 2014. She was selected for Gwen Stefani’s team and received good mentoring and experience.

Fast forward to Spring 2017, and her first EP All In My Head is released. Her first single from that EP ‘Same Kind of Crazy,’ is addictive, it’s catchy, and it showcases Gigi’s vocal range and depth.

I got to sit down and ask Gigi a few questions before her show, and I’m glad I get to share this interview. I hope all of you get to know this young star on the rise who took a contested second at the Project: Aloft Star finale. Enjoy!

Q: I guess to start off, how did you find out about Project: Aloft Star and enter the contest?

Gigi: I actually was just searching and saw a write-up and call for submissions online. I read about the contest and winners in other countries and I sent a couple of my songs in. What I really like about the program is that is gives artists like myself a platform to learn and grow through.

It is there for up and coming artists to get their fans involved in the voting process, and then have a chance to perform and get recognized in such a meaningful way. I feel like the world wants everything pre-packaged and refined all at once, and Project: Aloft Star sees music in a more natural way.

Q:What was the moment you knew you wanted to sing and perform? Did the skies part? Any ghastly visitations by Etta James?

Gigi: Nothing like that, sadly. It felt pretty natural since I grew up in a pretty musical household. We were always singing, and our piano was a staple in our home.

Yet, I think I was eight years old when I heard Alicia Keys’ Fallin’. That was probably the moment when I knew.

Album Cover for Gigi Rich's 'Same Kind of Crazy'
She’s hoping that for some other kid, they can hear her new album and be inspired like she was by Alicia Keys.

Q:You were on The Voice back in 2014, and now three years later you have dropped your first EP. How has your music changed in that time?

Gigi: When I was on the show, I was 16 or 17. I already knew what I wanted to do: be a soulful pop artist. I am still figuring myself out now. With my EP though, I was forced to make decisions and find my sound. I learned to embrace what I love about myself, my voice, and my music. It’s really something special.

Q:Our final, and most difficult question: You’re trapped on a desert island with only 3 albums to listen to for the rest of your life. What are they?

Gigi: That is tough! Okay…definitely Duffy’s Rockferry, then Al Green’s Greatest Hits for sure, and Alicia Keys’ Songs in A Minor. That was one of my favorites growing up.

There you have it!
Star on the rise!
Jersey Girl with the pipes!
Whole lotta soul!
Red hair, don’t care!
Gigi Rich, ladies and gents.

I would be lying if I said that’s it, because that’s not it. Get connected and follow her work, her tour, and what she’s up to. Trust me. She’s going places.

Start with liking her Facebook page, then give her a follow on Twitter and Instagram. Next, watch for new music videos and covers on her YouTube Channel and SoundCloud. Want something more formal? Check out her Official Website wherein you can find her full bio, tour dates, and all connected media.

That’s not all. I have even embedded her EP below through Spotify. Thank me later. Or just share this article and share Gigi Rich’s music with your friends. Do that instead. Don’t thank me.

2017 EP – All in My Head

I will thank you for reading this article and supporting our magazine, and the artists and entertainers we feature here. There is little in life as enriching as seeing truly talented, humble, and ambitious performers pour their souls out in pursuit of mastering their craft. Gigi Rich did that on stage that night. You can hear it in her EP. You can tell the moment she talks about her music.

Gigi Rich is making a name for herself, and you best not forget it!

Gigi Rich's cover for "All in My Head"
Gigi Rich ladies and gent. Listen to her stuff!

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