Magi Dara’s Red Tiger Nebula

Magi Dara - Red Tiger Nebula Album Artwork

Written by Kevin Bessey
Originally posted on IndieEntertainmentMagazine.com
October 28, 2017

Magi Dara recently dropped their latest album The Red Tiger Nebula, a rock opera gem.

Upon first listen, the average listener will realize that Benjamin Dara has some great vocal talent. He has that same fun vibe to his voice that Jack Black does with Tenacious D. Only, Jack Black doesn’t sound this good (sorry Jack Black Fans, this is not to diss on Jack Black. I still believe in my heart that he wrote the Best Song In The World, or at least…a Tribute.)

The way Benjamin Dara sings with an operatic tone is probably what the rock world most needs right now.

The average listener may then ask himself, “What is this man saying?” The lyrics to the songs on this album are so peculiar and eclectic.

He sings about Ants on hills, mint leaves, and thrones. . . and that’s all in one song. The lyrics are reminiscent of early Pink Floyd. The lyrics are so colorful and theatric that it feels like the songs can’t be simply listened to. The album deserves a video or a theatrical performance. I sincerely hope this band gets backed to write a rock opera.

The instrumentation on this album is great as well. They have an arena sound with the right amount of tech influence. The recordings sound really good and they have some catchy hooks. The production takes on a Muse-level of showiness and prestige.

So, check this album out if you want to hear some great vocals or some different colorful lyrics.


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