InQua’s Curated Playlists -Best of Winter 2019

Still from Matthew Logan Vasquez's 'Vacation' 2019

It was a chilly winter. Movies were pretty dull until this past month or so. What about music though? Well, we have our InQua Curated Playlist to catch you up on what we liked in the first quarter of 2019! Here’s the long and short of InQua’s Best of Winter 2019 playlist!

First things first: You gotta hit play!

What article is enjoyed without a little music in the background? Lots probably, but that’s beside the point. Hit that sideways triangle below and get the notes flying through your ears. It’s like osmosis. You hear it while you read it and then you get it. The Best of Winter 2019 playlist ain’t much, but it’s honest work.

Now that you’ve got the playlist playing, as playlists should do, we can give a quick and zippy recap of who’s who and why you should care.

Some Songs in the Best of Winter 2019 Playlist You Know

How could we make a playlist without the smash hit “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X? The song is STILL breaking chart records 5 weeks later, and if you’ve heard it you know why. John Mayer is in the playlist with a single, and we can’t wait to see what the next album holds in story for the Guitar God himself. Speaking of those two, John Mayer and Lil Nas X posted a lil acoustic version of the song that’s gone viral, so we put it below. You’re welcome.

If you don’t know who Gary Clark Jr. is by now, brother you are late. We included his racially-charged-power-blues-anthem “What About Us” because its powerful message is both timely and masterful. The Killers also dropped a politically charged single in “Land of the Free,” and although the line “We’ve got a problem with guns/ oh-oh-Oh-Oh-OH-OH!” might have been a little much, we liked the song and what B-Flowers and the boys brought to the table.

You’ve heard of them, but may not know their name

Fitz and the Tantrums are back with a catchy single that is bound to feel overplayed if you’re in Urban Outfitters too often, CRUISR dropped a nice track with a playful beat fitting for any early summer romance. The Jonas Bros are resurrecting their fangirl fandom almost instantaneously with “Sucker.” Vampire Weekend has dropped a few singles preceding their album Father of the Bride (unrelated to the film of the same name…or is it?!?). “Sunflower” is an odd one, which is why we included it. It’s one you probably didn’t give many listens to, so give it another chance. We also included our friends (and growing sensations) The Bergamot with their single “Periscope.” We have a whole article covering their story and the single, so hop over there and check it out!

If you haven’t listened to Hozier’s new album Wasteland Baby! then you best put that in your rotation this week! “Almost (Sweet Music)” captures the best of his first album with the added edge his experiences touring has provided him. Really, go listen to his whole album. The Best of Winter 2019 could have just been his album.

Marshmellow and Chvrches? If that was a religion, I’d sign up today. Match made in heaven, love the collab. Also, Future and Travis Scott does a soul some good. Macklemore shows up on another single (surprise-surprise), but overall “I Don’t Belong in This Club” might become a summer favorite if you’re the friend always dippin’ out after begrudgingly joining your friends for a night out.

Some folks you don’t know yet (but you should)

There are names you recognize, and others you don’t. J. Cole? Household name. Matthew Logan Vasquez? Maybe less so. You may know him from his band Delta Spirit, but then again maybe not. They performed on David Letterman a few years ago, and had an album reach #15 on the alternative charts before Vasquez headed off for solo projects. He dropped “Vacation” as one of his singles, and it’s got a rhythm and beat to get you ready for those summer vacays. If you like the song, definitely check out the music video for it!

I ‘m fighting to get an interview with Damien Jurado and with The Moth and the Flame. They both dropped great tracks this winter, so we included the pair! Jurado slows it down an acoustically-driven and deep voiced refrain in “Lincoln.” The Moth and the Flame rode the I-15 south from Zion to LA and since arriving they’ve produced better and better music! Their album dropped this Winter and many songs have made their way to Alt stations already. I included one of the less-played songs that has stuck with me, and you need to give it a proper listen or two. Great stuff.

Enjoy the playlist and be sure to send us recommendations on who we should be listening to!

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