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Written by Madison Hall Hulu
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Which Hulu Originals Are Worth Watching?

The summer is ending and as the days of watching the music festivals you aren’t at via social media are winding down, you must find a new way to occupy your time. When you feel bored of desperately scrolling through Netflix to find a new show to watch, maybe it is time to look to Hulu’s surprisingly good originals.

Hulu jumped on the bandwagon and started bringing original shows to their platform and while some have settled to the depths of mediocrity, others have proven to be refreshingly entertaining. I am here to help you navigate which shows are actually worth your time by focusing on three standouts I recommend watching.

Bonus: If you don’t feel like paying a monthly fee, Hulu provides a 30 day free trial period in which you can binge these shows.


The Handmaids Tale

This Hulu Original has definitely gotten the most attention after earning several Emmys, Golden Globe awards AND, most importantly, a Twitter shoutout from super-fan Chrissy Teigen.

This hit show is based off Margaret Atwood’s novel from 1985 but is adapted to take place in modern day America, making the show feel eerily realistic. It is almost like watching less far fetched Black Mirror episode.

After a plague of infertility sweeps the United States, a group of religious dictators overthrow the government to create a totalitarian society called “Gilead.” In this new reality, the remaining fertile women are forced to become “handmaids” where they become sexual slaves with one mission: to procreate. The series follows one particular handmaid, Offred, to show her journey from a free woman to an oppressed woman bound to the laws of this cruel theocratic society. Offred’s strong spirit and refusal to accept her conditions shows the human ability to preserve and even find some happiness in the worst circumstances.

This show is filled with twists and turns that will have you staring at your computer screen in disbelief while contemplating if you have the will to keep watching. Of course you do.

Disclaimer: There are a few portrayals of violence or sexual assault that are hard to watch (I may either fast forward or look away).

Actress Elizabeth Moss in 'Handmaid's Tale'
Here you see actress Elizabeth Moss beating the heat this summer.



I was scrolling through Hulu one day when I came across this hidden gem. I couldn’t believe there was a show starring James Franco that I wasn’t aware of so I started watching. Although I started this show purely to watch my favorite Franco brother, I was immediately intrigued by this history lesson in disguise of a drama.

Based of Stephen King’s book, the eight episode series follows Jake Epping, an ordinary high school teacher from Maine, as he gets the opportunity of a lifetime- to go back in time and stop the assassination of beloved President John F. Kennedy.

After his old friend Al finds a time portal to 1960 in the back of his diner, Epping goes back in time to save JFK while hiding his true identity. After going through the portal, Jake must live in the past for three years while unraveling clues about suspected killer Lee Harvey Oswald to stop the anticipated assassination. Like in any time travel tale, there are dark twists that prove history isn’t always meant to be messed with.

Although 11.22.63 is obviously fictional, it incorporates true historical facts and circumstances that will allow you to justify binge watching the show for “educational purposes.”

Additionally, the show really makes you feel like you are right there in the early 1960’s solving the biggest murder mystery alongside James Franco. The show includes everything you could ask for in a series: suspense, love interests, drama, and some fun facts that you didn’t pick up in your 11th grade history class.

James Franco in 11.22.63 (2016)
With looks that could kill, you might be more worried about James Franco than Lee Harvey Oswald.

The Mindy Project

If you are a fan of Mindy Kaling’s classic humor (which who isn’t ??), then this show is for you. While channeling some Kelly Kapoor character traits, the main character gets into some sticky situations all for the goal of finding love in the big city.

Written by Mindy Kaling, the show follows Dr. Mindy Lahiri, a successful OBGYN in New York, as she navigates her less than successful love life.

The pilot starts off with heartbroken Mindy getting drunk at an ex-boyfriend’s wedding, giving a cringe-worthy toast, then taking off from the wedding on a bicycle that she accidentally rides into a random person’s pool. The first episode sets the tone for the humorous dilemmas Mindy will get herself into. The show is lighthearted and includes some good laughs, especially when it features Kaling’s former co-stars from The Office Ed Helms (Andy), BJ Novak (Ryan), and Ellie Kemper (Erin).

Mindy Kaling in her Mindy Project show.
Mindy, we’re with you. Who HASN’T watched your show yet?


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