Deadpool 2 Roundup: Family is Not an F-Word

Written by Cole Wissinger, Madison Drew Daniels, and Tristan Olav Torgersen Deadpool 2
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Madison: I’ll just say it, I think it was better than the first.

Tristan: I totally agree. The first one proved a Rated-R superhero flick would do well, and it set up the character in a fun yet scattered way. This one had a strong story and message.

Cole: Yeah this was more of a movie movie. It actually had a cohesive plot and thematic structure while still having Deadpool-y jokes.

M: If you would have told me ahead of time that I would feel genuine emotional catharsis in a Deadpool movie, I’d’ve just stopped listening. Heart was not the thing I expected from a movie built around crudity, crassness, and over-the-top body humor.

T: Family is not an F-word. Honestly, I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t what I saw. And I’m glad! Now…Bold claim but I’m making it: Best Post-Credits scene to date, of any superhero movie. Fight me.

C: No need to fight, I’m with you again. History lesson time: The MCU movies weren’t the first superheroes to keep us around after the movie was done. Batfleck’s Daredevil did it and then X-Men 3 did it too. Deadpool 2 was able to have a great post-credits thing because they weren’t chained down to setting up ‘next time in the MCU’ kind of things. It was just fun.

T: That’s so true, the fun aspect came because it didn’t have to advance any massive arc or plot forward. And that’s a piece of history I didn’t know either.

M: We-he-he-he-he-ll I’m not sure the credits scenes is the best of all time. I prefer not to rank anything and just throw it into an ambiguous Top-5 that never actually gets nailed down. The advantage Deadpool has over the MCU is freedom with those credit zingers. The MCU typically uses those scene to set up future titles (although there are some like Captain America’s in Spider-Man that are pretty self aware). Deadpool can knock down, set up, zig right, or come out of left field because they aren’t tied down to future titles.

T: Alright, alright, MCU purist back at it again Madison haha.

C: Oh I’ll nail it for you. 5) Avengers – Shawarma. 4) Justice League – Deathstroke and assembling the Legion of Doom. 3) GotG2 – All of them, but especially Stan Lee chilling with the Watchers. 2) Iron Man – It’s the original for the MCU with Sam Jackson stepping out of the shadows and saying the word “Avengers”. 1) Deadpool 2. Boom. Top Five.

T: Cole does it again, I dig that list. Did this one feel less vulgar or violent, or was it equal? Maybe it just felt normal because it was Deadpool?

C: I mean, he told you straight up it was a family film, idk what you were expecting.

M: IMDB says there were more F’s in this film than the last. But the movie feels less vulgar, I think, because the swears and crudities were natural extensions of plot and dialogue. In the first one, I felt all that stuff was clumsily shoehorned into random dialogue. I guess nudity was dialed way back as overt sexuality, but dialed up in one scene for laughs. That was a nod to Rick and Morty if I’ve ever seen one.

T: Interesting, I didn’t noticed more F words, but like you said, must have been due to the better plot structure. All I know is, the audience was busting up after every joke and scene, and it has been one of my favorite moviegoing experiences in the past couple months.

M: Seeing it with a predominantly Christian audience, there were some jokes that were pretty dark or over the moral head of most people of the crowd. I remember there were a couple times where me and like two other dudes were the only ones chuckling.

T: Well I guess I missed out on that in Los Angeles, compounded by the fact that I saw it on a Sunday afternoon.

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Mr. Pool here, hope you enjoyed this futha muckin’ film. What’s that? a little censorship? Well, yes. This time. Go see the movie for the F-words.

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