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InQua: A Star Wars Story (Kind of)

A short time ago in a galaxy right in the same place it has always been…
(Just imagine a story crawl right now)

Before the creation of InQua Magazine, a group of college friends worked together on an industry publication. Tristan, Kevin, Madison, Cole, Stephen, and Schroeder found themselves in the thick of writing and reviewing. Short films, Indie Films, Albums, Festivals, Concerts, Q&A’s, all of it.

Their writing was sought after by directors and distributors alike. Partnerships were formed. Festivals attended. The world was their oyster, and they were gonna do whatever you’re supposed to do with world-oysters.

All’s well that ends well, and soon enough the small group of writers found themselves without an outlet for their creative juices. C’est la vie, said the young folks. Goes to show you never can tell. (Thanks Chuck Berry)

What should be done with this fire now ignited? Where would they turn to warn their cohort of weak plots and shallow characters? How would they spread the Gospel of Indie Music? Why was their voice cut short as soon as it was found?

An idea was born: InQua.

Latin for “Be Entertained,” InQua is an idea that stands opposite the publications and noise that surround the entertainment industry. Leave dull diatribes and heartless hypocrisy behind, there’s some new kids in town.

We bring you what’s real, what’s exciting, and what’s fun to read. And while we’re at it, you’re gonna get some interviews with artists and actresses, directors and drummers, and some new filmmakers and folks you’ve probably never heard of. You got that right millennials, we’re talking to you. We got you.

Now hold up, that is not all. We don’t only write to the folks wearing tank tops in the wintertime and scarves in the summertime. Nay. We want to bring entertainment from all genres, scopes, and budgets.

Yes, we will talk about Marvel movies. Yes, we will talk about Childish Gambino. We will even bring you intellectual and academic pieces to prove that our economics, liberal arts, business, statistics, and animation degrees were not attained in vain.

Who are we? Find out. Look at our website. Read our stuff. Skim if you have to. We are here to bring you quality in a sea of overwhelming quantity.

Most of all, we’re here for InQua.

So Be Entertained.