We Give A Gentle Night 4 out of 5 Amber Alerts

Poster from Gentle Night

Written by M. V. Schroeder
Originally posted on IndieEntertainmentMagazine.com
September 20, 2017

A Gentle Night captures the best and worst of humanity and draws you into a mother’s story as she searches for her missing daughter.

Director Yang Qiu combines dramatic pacing and authentic locations to bring to life a story that teeters between hopeful and hopeless until the end. Cinematographer Constanze Schmitt shows off her skills with appealing and easy to read camera angles.

Not to give anything away, but towards the end there is a really subtle crane shot outside of an apartment complex that is one of my favorite scenes just for the balance of it all. With their powers combined they’ve made a dramatic short film that has won several awards.

Gentle Night Still (2017)
No, this isn’t Detroit. No, this is not your average ‘Mother seeking daughter’ short film. Yes, it was selected for TIFF. Watch it.

This is a well made film. Minimal dialogue lets you explore the screen and read the emotions of the actors. The camerawork puts all the action and emotion right in the middle of the screen, putting the audience front and center.

This poor lady is surrounded by a city full of people but is left to her own devices as she desperately combs the city for her daughter.

I give A Gentle Night 4 out of 5 Amber Alerts.

The Mother in A Gentle Night.
And she gives a look that only a mother in the front seat could give. You know you’re in trouble.

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